Friday, October 4, 2013

Benefit Of The Doubt

Every so often someone comes into your life that throws off everything you thought you knew. You feel comfortable with them.  Your vibes just match.  Then something happens that throws everything you thought you knew completely off kilter.  Recently that happened to me and I am now in the process of rebuilding that relationship.  Why?  In a world like SL where relationships come and go and people come and go just as quickly and easily, sometimes you meet someone that you feel is special, that the relationship is worth the work to repair it.  Will it be the same as it was before?  Absolutely not. It can never be.  Is that a bad thing?  Not always.  Sometimes it can be deeper, stronger, more intimate.  I also think that it takes time.  I feel that this person is worth the time and energy.

Some people may think I am naive or a glutton for punishment, but I truly believe that people do deserve a second chance.  Hell sometimes a second, third and fourth chance are deserved.  I know for me, especially in SL, if I had not been given some of those chances past one, I would not be where I am, I would not have the SL that I have, the friends I have, the family that I have.  SL in my opinion is a magnified version of our throw away society.  Instead of fixing what is broken, instead of repairing something that may be slightly dinged, we throw it away.  But in this case it's not a toaster, or a cell phone, or even a's a human being. People come to SL for all sorts of reason and I have always been someone that if someone is less than honest about their RL situation, I kinda let it slide...even when I have been romantically involved with them in SL. It's RL and to me, RL is sacrosanct. I have always held the belief that you are under no obligation to share anything with me, be it sl or rl but please be honest about what you choose to share....but even with RL in SL, i tend to not follow that.  I understand why people may be less than honest about I agree with it, no, I don't.  But I get it.

 I myself have been told I am too free with information I share about myself.  Which I can be...regarding facts like my rl picture, where I live and even where I work and my rl name.  The same can not be true about my feelings so I have been also accused (and in some sense this is very true) of having walls put up.  I can get hurt very easily but I also forgive very easily and it is something that I love and also dislike greatly about myself. I kind of always wished that I didn't give people the benefit of the doubt so easily.  But I do and it's part of who I am so I embrace it. I would rather give people the benefit of the doubt and be wrong than NOT give them the benefit of the doubt and be right. (Which as I type that sounds like that same thing but hopefully you know what I mean). 

Hairbase - Shaven Hairbase (taken from Closer) in Jet Black - Vanity Hairs
Eyelashes - Carnival Type 2 - Angel Rock Eyelashes
Eyeshadow - Drama Black in Black/Yellow - Glamorize
Lipstick - Sparkling Lipstick in Orange - *Baby* (free gift on the Marketplace)
Facial Piercing - Monroe Piercing - A:S:S: Deluxe (Free on the MP with color change HUD)
Jewelry - Vibe in Gold - Finesmith Jewelry *NEW RELEASE*
Gown - Mesh Gown Dress in Shiny Abstract - !Soul (only 60L on MP, includes appliers for mesh breasts)
Poses - Isomotion

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