Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fashion For Life - PurpleMoon Creations - Cao in Malva

Fashion For Life 2013 starts in a few shorts days. (March 9th to be exact) and I can not think of a worthier cause to be involved in.  Cancer is a scourge that has affected everyone at least one time in their life.  Recently, it affect me and more to the point my best friend in RL...i say best friend but I actually mean my soul sister.  Cancer took away her beloved mother way too early, a beautiful giving woman whom I respected (she raised 9 children and was a registered nurse) and was honored to know. 

 The first time I met the big C was when I was 9 and my grandmother on my mothers side passed away after a 13 year battle with skin and breast cancer.  Back in 1984, when she died, breast cancer was almost always a death sentence and the fact that Grandma Marie survived as long as she did was a miracle.  Now, thanks to wonderful charities, like Relay for Life and amazing organizations like the American Cancer Society and the work and research they do, breast cancer is not the death sentence it once was.  But there is still a long way to go.
Fashion for Life is a 9 sim fashion event, in which all proceeds will go directly to benefit the American Cancer Society.  A multitude of designers and models, builders, performers, scripters, every single kind of content creator you can think of in SL has donated their time, money and efforts to this enormous 9 SIM event.  All items created, either exclusive new designs or exclusive colors, will just be available at the Fashion for Life Event beginning March 9th.  Here I am featuring 7 items that will be available ONLY at FFL.  PurpleMoon Creations will be releasing an exclusive color of the very popular Cao Gown - Malva.  The hair, which I fell in love with is from Emotions - the Kick ass purple earrings are part of one of the exclusive sets from Violator and the poses I am using are one of FOUR sets available only at FFL from Posesion Poses. The make-up are a combination of some of the exclusive sets from Silken Moon and Madrid Solo. 
  So please, starting March 9th, visit one of the 9 sims that make up the Fashion For Life Event. The theme for the event is The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and some of the most talented builders in SL have reconstructed such monuments as the Great Pyramid at Giza, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Colossus at Rhodes and many others.  There will be Gatcha Events, a raffle in which one lucky winner will win ALL the clothing at the event, fashion shows put on by some of SL's top modeling agencies and a myriad of live performers, all donating their time to this amazing cause. 

 Hair - Semiramis in Black - Emotions - only at Fashion for Life
Eyeshadow - Lying Eyes in Purple - Madrid Solo - only at Fashion for Life
Eyeshadow - Twice Shy in Passionate Purple - Madrid Solo - only at Fashion for Life
Lipstick - Vendetta Lips 4 - Madrid Solo - only at Fashion for Life
Lipstick - Eclipse Lips in Berry Crush - Silken Moon - only at Fashion for Life
Earrings - from Outrageous Purple Set - Violator - Only at Fashion for Life
Gown - Cao in Malva - PurpleMoon Creations - Only at Fashion for Life
Poses - Chic Set - Posesion Poses - Only at Fashion For Life.

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