Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Life is funny...not always funny "haha" but more like Funny "Imma bitch slap you". You get so sure of how something is, or how you think something should be and then life throws you this insane curve ball.  Kinda like a very cold splash of water that wakes you up and makes you see things differently or makes you see how things COULD be differently.  Along with the cold water can often time come with a little egg on your face.  Especially for someone like me who is extremely vocal about the way she feels and the positions and opinions that I hold. I am so damn sure I am right most of the time and that how I feel will NOT change (even though to be honest I am ALWAYS open to the idea that they MAY change). Sometimes, life throws a big ol' bucket of ice water on Bella.

Case in point - I have always been quite vocal about those who meet people in SL and declare undying love for one another....I mean just met this person and when you think of it, you haven't even met each other.  You have seen each others pixels, imed, chatted in local, MAYBE even spoken on voice, more than not, done the pixel bootie call...but love...pft...even deep like....I scoffed at it.  Of course there are always people that you click with, but being the romantic cynic that I am, to feel a romantic connection with someone after just one conversation just does not happen....or least it never happened to comes the egg...insert face.

Those who have read and followed my blog know that until January I was in a long term (3 years almost!!) SL relationship with a man named Justen.  I am very lucky that over those years and before, Justen and I built an extremely strong friendship and I am proud to still call him my best friend and we still talk daily.  But life being what it is, romance was no longer in the cards for us. After that part of our relationship ended, I was convinced I would never find someone that I felt that kind of connection with...romantically that is.  Ending a relationship, even when you see it coming and even when it's amicable, there is a mourning period afterwards.  Some people cope by hopping right into another one.  Some people get angry. Some people drown their sorrows in chocolate...lots of it..some are a mixture of all three.  I choose chocolate.
I chose chocolate, a lot of it,  and threw myself into rl and my fashion in sl and my family.  Never in a million years did I think I would meet someone and instantly have that spark.  I mean it just does NOT happen and when it does it's to other people who change names in their partner box more than an MVW Candidate changes her hair.

Boy, was I wrong.  Now, I am in no way declaring my undying love, but I recently met someone on SL who changed the way I thought about everything. Even he too admitted that he scoffed at the notion of meeting someone and straight away feeling what we felt when we first met.  For the first time in a long time, I actually have butterflies when I see his name pop up in my ims, I act giggly like a 14 year old girl when I talk to him.  This is NOT me and it is very scary and I am trying my hardest to not screw it up, which is my go to reflex (I have told him in no uncertain terms that I am indeed, a complete lunatic nutjob but he doesn't seem to believe me, or he does and he's just as certifiable as I am). I was convinced this thing doesn't really happen.  Things in my SL went a certain way, I could easily read people and well, that was that. I am just trying to enjoy the ride and see where things go. Due to RL being the beast that it is and time zones (I am in the US and this wonderful man is in the UK) we have to put quality of time together over quantity and just see where things lead.  I decided to write this topic with what I feel is an extremely apropo gown - the Bali Gown from Finesmith....everyone knows Finesmith for the amazing's what is expected from Yula Finesmith.  But once again, curve ball and a big one.  this gorgeous mesh gown.

Unexpected can be an amazing thing. Just enjoy the ride and never be so sure of anything.

Hair - Vendetta in Jet - Vanity Hair
Eyeshadow - Smokey Cat Shadow - L. Fauna
Lipstick - A Windsong (Lips Only) - Madrid Solo
Necklace - Osher - Finesmith
Bracelet - Shameless Bracelet in Diamond - Finesmith
Gown - Bali Gown in Blue - Finesmith
Poses - Di's Opera, Ma Vie and Vista Model AO (Final Pic)

Thank you to my dear friend Harry Wotton (he knows why).

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